Ide Adobe Interpretive Association
   Supporting Interpretive Activities at Ide Adobe

    IAIA is a state park cooperating association which raises funds to augment the state's budget for Ide Adobe.  Without this assistance, we would be unable to present any of our programs.

    The Ide Adobe Interpretive Association began in 1979 with fourteen charter members.  Today, the membership has grown to more than 400.  The associa- tion's support for park programs has grown at a similar pace.

    The most important part of that support is augmentation of the park staff.  Since 1989, the association has hired part-time Park Operations Aids to offset cuts in the State Park staffing support for Ide Adobe.  In 1996, a Carpentry Aid was hired by the association to help complete the handmade doors and windows for the Woodshop-Smithy building.

    In addition to hiring staff, the association provides material and equipment for park programs.  Recently the association has provided funding for the purchase of new period attire and the scanner which provided the pictures for this web site.

    We would like you to be a part of our proud traditions.


To request a membership application for the Ide Adobe Interpretive Assn: