The Heritage Garden
   A Sample of the Vegetable Varieties of the 1850s

    The Adobe Heritage Garden is a demonstration planting of typical varieties of vegetables and herbs grown in the 1850s. It is much smaller than those planted by the pioneers, but it serves as an example of

the plants they used. The gardens of the 1800s were organically grown-no pesticides or chemicals were used. Raised beds, which are once again becoming fashionable in today's gardens, were an accepted style of planting for the pioneers.

Some of Our Vegetables

    Jacob's Cattle Bush Beans, c. 1800
    Bloody Butcher Corn
, c. 1840
    Long Green Cucumber
s, c. 1827
    Yellow Pear Tomato, c. 1850
    Early Summer Crookneck Squash
, c. 1800
    Early Scarlet Radish
, c. 1850
    Cayenne Pepper
, c. 1833
    Early Blood Turnip Beet, c. 1827
    Scarlet Runner Bean
, c. 1750

Some of Our Herbs

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